SureFire X300 Ultra LED Handgun Light

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  • Waterproof
  • Fits on nearly all kinds of pistols
  • First-rate construction


  • No reported drawbacks


A high quality weapon light that includes all of the characteristics that you seek from a professional tactical light.

Weapon lights are not just flashlights with bright beams. This kind of light is meant to help gun owners light an entire area and identify the target. These lights can be mounted or handheld.

Aside from identifying threats and illuminating an area, it may also have the ability to momentarily blind or distract attackers. Tactical lights provide plenty of advantages to gun owners, so it helps that you have one on hand, especially if you want to enhance your home defense system.

In this article, we are going to review a product from one of the industry’s best names in the business, SureFire. SureFire’s X300 Ultra LED handgun is something that you might want to check out due to its functions and features.


  • Includes unbreakable LED for an optimal run time and light output
  • Includes weapon-level output with TIR lens for close and long-range applications
  • Has fast mounting rail clamp
  • Fits optional handgun grip and long arm for end switches
  • O-ring and gasket are sealed, weatherproof
  • Built from durable, heavy-duty aerospace aluminum with Mil-spec anodizing and sturdy polymer-finished window
  • Has 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life


SureFire is one of the best manufacturers of gun accessories in the world today and their X300 Ultra LED does not leave gun owners disappointed. This is a completely waterproof product and can endure weather conditions from heavy rains down to fog.

The construction of the unit is ace—it is designed from heavy-duty, military-grade aluminum material. The mounting system can withstand this kind of material and this leads to a tactical light unit that can endure impacts caused by a firing weapon.

Apart from its first-rate construction, it is also encased in damage-resistant black anodizing which can resist scratches, corrosion, and dust.

The device is designed and aimed to be a tactical light that can be attached. It can fit on nearly all kinds of pistols in the market and it can also operate well with long arms. One can fasten the unit securely and fast enough to any pistol or long firearm by its upgraded T-mounting system.

This mounting system operates well as soon as it is fastened to rifles with regular Picatinny rail systems. The light also includes universal and Picatinny crossbar wedges, and these make all those mounting/dismounting procedures effortless.

The X300 is a tactical light that has an interface which is a snap to use. It can be activated by its instinctive, user-friendly and ambidextrous switches. Yes, left-handed gun owners can use this light without any effort at all due to its ergonomics. The switches were designed to be broader and shorter to enhance ergonomics.

They are positioned in the light’s back part for a more convenient access once the user fastens the light on the pistol. Users can push the switch on either side for momentary activation, while for steady operations users can opt to turn the same switch up or down.

The unit’s optional DG grip switches that are used with pistols and its pressure-activated XT option makes employing the light a straightforward task. These supplemental features let users activate the unit from a distance.

The company makes sure to only provide their devices with first-rate materials in the US, apart from other top notch materials acquired from other countries. The light is manufactured, tested, set up and completed in America.

Customers who are into this device lauded it for being portable, easy to use, durable, hardwearing and waterproof.


There are no disadvantages when it comes to using the unit. The majority of gun owners who have tested the device loved the results!


The Surefire X300 Ultra is a top notch weapon light that includes all of the qualities that you seek from a professional tactical light. It produces supreme light output and excellent performance for both close and long-range target IDing.

It is durable, extra-tough and can endure weather conditions and lots of usage. This is a great purchase for a weapon light for such price.

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