Streamlight TLR-1 HL Rail Mounted Tactical Light Review

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  • Programmable strobe function
  • Waterproof
  • Durable


  • Strobe light not user friendly


Great tactical light with 630 lumen output. Definitely worth it!

If you are looking for a tactical light for your handgun with Glock-style rails, Streamlight’s TLR-1 HL Rail Mounted Tactical Light might be something that you will be interested in. Let us see where this unit fares well and where it disappoints.


  • Has C4® LED technology
  • Can withstand shock up to 50,000 hours
  • Has 12,000-candela peak beam up to 630 lumens
  • Includes TIR optic for a focused beam
  • Has operating time of up to 1.25 hours
  • Operates on 2 3-volt CR123 lithium batteries
  • Has the rail grip clamp system which fastens securely
  • Can be attached on firearms with Glock-style rails and all Picatinny rails
  • Has keys for Glock-style, Picatinny, S&W 99, S&W TSW and Beretta 90 two
  • Aluminum-sealed built with black anodized coating
  • Has ambidextrous momentary, steady on and off switch
  • Programmable strobe can be turned on or off
  • Can fit current light bearing holsters
  • Operating temperature at -40°F to +120°F
  • Weighs 118. 6 grams
  • Measures 8.61 centimeters
  • Is IPX7 waterproof to a meter for half an hour
  • Must be used together with 69130 remote door switch (switches and door switch not included in package)
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Assembled in the US


There are gun owners who are more comfortable with powerful, handheld flashlights, while there are owners who prefer using rail mounted tactical lights due to the convenience it provides. Streamlights’ TLR-1 HL has a 630-lumen output for maximum light. It has a broad beam pattern that is capable of illuminating bigger spots so users can easily recognize threats or individuals who are close by.

We tested its waterproof claims by submerging it in 1.5 meters of water for more than the claimed 30 minutes, and approximately an hour later, we switched the unit on and it still operated decently. It operated with the locked-on and press-on positions, which is great. The on and off switch of the device is a rocker arm that is positioned on the back part of the unit and it has a center pivot detail.

This results in a switch that can be set off from either side, which makes it a great companion for left-handed gun owners. In addition, located on the left part of the switch, users can press on it if they want it touch-activated. Pressing down on it makes the unit click and it remains lit.

The unit also features a programmable strobe function that one can disengage if needed. Users should double-tap the switch in order to activate this feature. A fast press or push in the direction of the touch-pressure will provide a strobe light that will keep working, provided that users will sustain the touch-pressure, or until the batteries get emptied.

In case you need to switch the strobe on minus having to put pressure on the switch, you can press the switch into a click on a position, click it off then click on in a fast manner and it will be in strobe mode.

The light at 630 lumens is bright and it can be disrupting, ideal for indoor and outdoor searches. It is built with a standard Picatinny rail clamp mount that is screw-on and spring-loaded at the same time. In case the screw slackens, the spring pressure will see to it that it will keep the light in position.

For attaching the unit, the spring pressure makes the whole procedure a breeze. Loosen up the screw enough to get the sides of the clamp over and on the rail as you are grasping in the screw, secure the screw or allow the spring pressure to hold in the clamp.

Gun owners who have tested the unit shared that the laser was simple to work with and it was precise. The light was significantly bright and its strobe feature was noteworthy as well. Several individuals also took note that the unit was durable and well made.


As we have guessed, a number of customers were not too fond of the strobe feature because it is quite challenging to work with.


The Streamlight TLR-1 HL Rail Mounted tactical light is a great addition to your gun accessory selection since it can help beef up your home defense.



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