Aimkon HiLight P10S 400 Flashlight Reviews

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  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Generate up to 400 lumens
  • Solid grip


  • Does not fit well with specific handguns


It provides excellent illumination, has a reasonable price and it does what it claims.

Whether you work in your country’s defense forces or law enforcement or you simply purchased a gun for self-defense purposes, you have to own a tactical light for such item. A flashlight for your weapon is used to find and recognize your target.

This will greatly be an advantage to you in low light settings and it can also function as a warning. In case the threat or enemy perceives the light and they are in the line of its sight, the light might be enough to make them halt in their position.

At this time, there are plenty of weapon manufacturers who are making tactical lights for firearms. We are going to review Aimkon’s HiLight P10S to help you with your weapon lights search. Let us see where this product fares.


  • Includes CREE XM-L2 LED
  • Works with 1 CR123 battery
  • Has Steady-On and Strobe modes
  • Has overall run-time of 55 minutes
  • Produces 400-lumen output
  • Water and dust-resistant (depending on IP68 standards)
  • Has an overall weight of 2.8 ounces without batteries
  • Has overall dimensions of 3 in. (length) 1 in. (width) 1.5 in. (height)
  • Aluminum with black finish


Aimkon’s HiLight P10S weapon flashlight is built from lightweight aluminum material and has the capability to provide Steady-On and Strobe functions that generate up to 400 lumens. This lumen output is sufficient enough to blind the target or any individual at near range.

For weapon enthusiasts who want to improve visibility at night or in low-light settings or supplement their home defense system, this unit is surely something you have to check out. It is designed for compact firearms, but it can attach to other kinds of weapons too.

As mentioned earlier, the unit has two modes, the Steady-On, and the Strobe. The Strobe can be set off as soon as the light is switched on and off from the Steady-On mode. The switch is located on the side of the device and it can be accessed easily by the user’s other hand. The light produces a total of 400 lumens and has a general run time of 55 minutes. It offers bright, clean lights due to its scratch, dust, and water resistant properties.

It can also steer clear of gun smoke since it overhangs from the weapon fairly enough to avoid this incident. To make the device operate, it needs 1 CR123 battery.

Aimkon’s HiLight P10S can be fastened and unfastened easily from guns that have a rail. Guns that will benefit from this unit include a number of handguns and shotguns. Its solid grip promises zero wiggling even when users release the firearm. Its lightweight properties do not give away an impression that the gun has an additional item attached to it.

The unit has been purchased and tested by plenty of gun owners. Many lauded its stability over the course of use, and its strong construction was given plenty of compliments as well. Its ability to produce bright lights was also praised, along with its fast mount and release by the weaver mount.

Several customers also noted its capability not to sacrifice a firearm’s precision and balance while firing.


There were customers who complained that the flashlight did not fit well with specific handguns. There were some who experienced unsteadiness, while a few said the flashlight was a challenge to attach on their firearms.

There were also a few customers who complained about the quality of the unit they have purchased; we encountered several reviewers who criticized manufacturing defects, however, the company was also quick enough to answer complaints and replaced defective units with functioning replacements. These defects often occurred over the course of shipment.

It is also worth noting that the company should also think about producing models that can be operated on effortlessly by left-handed gun owners. This unit is not ambidextrous-friendly.


The Aimkon HiLight P10S is still worth the purchase despite a few issues when it comes to fitting with specific firearms and not being a left-handed-friendly model. It provides excellent illumination, has a reasonable price and it does what it claims.

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